Maritime Adventure From GeeWunner Available For Preorder

Heads Up! Geewunner has shared word that his highly anticipated Maritime Adventure custom Lego sets are now available for pre-order! These new Adventure Themed sets are the perfect addition to your Kre-O G.I.Joe collection. You can go all-in and grab the Exploration Pack, or you can get individual sets that are more tailored to your […]

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Advanced Heavy Battle Tank from Geewunner Customs back in Stock in time for Holiday Sale!

Heads up! The awesome Advanced Heavy Battle Tank, or “Not Mauler MBT” by Geewunner Customs is back in stock! This awesome bit of news coincides with word from Geewunner that the Holiday sale is currently in effect until December 1st! If you’re not familiar with Geewunner’s work, then the AHBT is definitely a great […]

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Geewunner Captured Prey Dino Hunter Themed Lego Set Pre Order Now Open

Gotta catch ’em all! The Captured Prey set is now available for Pre Order on! The All-In Attack Pack gets you one each of all four of the main sets in the theme: * Prehistoric Pursuer * Explorer Team Large Capturer * Explorer Team Research Submersible * Explorer Team Fast Pursuit Vehicle Additionally, you […]

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Heads up! Geewunner has shared word via Facebook of his next custom Lego G.I.Joe collection to be offered, Captured Prey! The Captured Prey assortment will consist of: Explorer Team Fast Pursuit Vehicle Prehistoric Pursuer Explorer Team Large Capturer Explorer Team Research submersible Once the Pre-Order goes live, you can opt to get either the full set […]

Read More Tank For The Memories Vol. 2 Pre Order Now Live

Geewunner has sent out word that Pre-Orders for his next custom Lego G.I.Joe Collection, Tanks for the Memories, vol. 2, are now live! You can order all offerings together, or individually. Up for grabs are: Classic Hero Scout Vehicle Drill Sergeant Tank Advanced Heavy Battle Tank As with previous offerings, these are sure to sell out […]

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