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Super7 Teases ReAction Python Patrol Cobra Commander

So, you may recall that back in April, preorders for Super7 ReAction G.I.Joe Tiger Force and Python Patrol figures were found on BBTS.

Today, via social came our first look at one of these upcoming figures in the form of a Pythonized Cobra Commander! Check it out –

Special missions require a special team. #ComingSoon #Super7

Many thanks to Jeffrey G.P. from Facebook for a quick bit of sleuthing he did when the image was first revealed, as he found a few new listings on BBTS that hadn’t been previously noted, with one of those being Tiger Force related –

G.I. Joe ReAction Greenshirt with Goggles Down (Brown Tiger Force Ver.) Figure

There were a selection of new “general release” offerings found as well, including Joe Pilot (facemask), General Hawk, Crimson Guard, Funhouse Robot Cobra Commander, Buzzer and Barbecue.

Stay tuned, I’ll bring you more details as they’re made available by Super7.

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