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Roboskull Red Shadows Upgrade and Update Announced

Heads up! The folks over at Skeletron have shared an update on their Roboskull Kickstarter campaign and I’m sure that this’ll put a smile on a lot of faces. There’s a lot to dig in to, so without further adieu, here’s the scoop on update #56 –



Hello, Roboskullers!

Toiling in our underground lair, with most of our 4″ Marauder action figures now in tooling, it is time for us to reveal one of our secrets:  Our 4″ Wolf Trooper, Blood Wolf, Red Weasel, Jungle Wolf Trooper, and Gyre Wolf figures will all feature enhanced articulation!   We’ve added thigh cuts, boot cuts, and rocker ankles to improve the poseability of these 4″ figures:


This articulation has also been added with consideration to the aesthetic impact, and the figures remain as visually stunning as we’ve always intended.  We are working to deliver the best toys possible, and are excited for you to enjoy this enhancement when you create epic Red Shadows battles!

The response to our carded Assassin Skeledrones has been phenomenal, and just in case you missed them, they are back in-stock at our newly-updated website: www.SKELETRON.com


We appreciate all the kind words we continue to receive regarding the quality of the Assassin Skeledrones product and packaging.   With Ken Kelly’s passing last year, we’ve also been asked who will continue on and complete the packaging art for the remaining figures.   We couldn’t be happier with the artist who is building upon what Ken started with us, and this story (along with the Wolf Trooper packaging art) will be revealed in the next issue of TOYCOLLECTR magazine!

We’ve enjoyed the depth and quality of content that TOYCOLLECTR has been putting into their print magazine for its first five issues, and we’re honored that SKELETRON will have this new story featured in the next issue-  we hope you’ll check it out!

We’ll be seeing TOYCOLLECTR, along with so many of our friends in less than three weeks at JoeFest in Augusta, Georgia!   We’ll be in the same spot as last year, lined up next to some of our favorite people from Marauder “Gun-Runners”Grindstone Toys, and Raginspoon!


We are also making progress on the Roboskull MKII, Retro O-ring figure, and 6″ figures, so stay tuned for more updates!   Hope to see you at the show!


P.S.  Please take a look at “My Palitoy Story“, an illustrated history of a famous British toy company, by fellow collaborator and legend, Bob Brechin!  LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

Proposed Front Cover – Not final design

I love the fact that new technology is being incorporated with older styles of action figures, essentially breathing new life in to the 1:18 scale. Color me excited!

I’ll be sure to bring you more updates as they’re made available. Stay tuned!

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