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My Palitoy Story by Bob Brechin on Kickstarter

Heads up! Mr. Bob Brechin has shared word of a new book being offered through Kickstarter that catalogs the story of Palitoy, from “Cradle to Grave”.

Details on the campaign can be reviewed below without interruption. You can get your pledge in for this must-have title here: My Palitoy Story

My Palitoy Story: The History of a Famous British Toy Company, by Bob Brechin.


Proposed Front Cover – Not final design

Researched and written by Bob Brechin and designed by Brian Hickey, this book provides a comprehensive insight into one of the most iconic toy manufacturers of the 20th Century, documenting its inception, rise to prominence and eventual dissolution.

Palitoy Limited, of Coalville, was part of the General Mills Toy Group from 1968 to 1985, and introduced such amazing toy brands as Action Man, Tiny Tears, Pippa, Parker Games, Mainline Railways, Star Wars toys – and many, many more. This fascinating story begins in 1919, shortly after the Great War, when a young man decided he wanted to exploit the burgeoning plastics industry by setting up his own company.

This book was written by someone who joined Palitoy the year after Action Man was launched in 1966 and who was part of the creative team that saw the brand receive the epitaph ‘Toy of the Decade’ in 1980. As well as being a highly visual experience with many photos to enjoy, the book will take its readers through the history of Palitoy as the 20th century unfolded socially, politically and industrially. An essential for those that love toys.

Digital mock-up. Final cover design subject to change.


Author Bob Brechin is joined by award winning graphic designer and Total Action Force co-creator, Brian Hickey. This team will deliver a meticulously researched insight into the history of Palitoy and the British toy industry, presented in a beautiful 256 page hardbound coffee table book.

Bob Brechin, chief designer at Palitoy during its heyday, gives readers a unique ‘behind the scenes’ perspective into the leading toy brands of the 20th Century including Action Man, Star Wars, Tressy, Pippa, Action Force and many, many more.

Digital mock-up. Final interior design subject to change.
Star Wars toys being assembled at the Palitoy Toy Factory, 1984.
Death Star playset photo courtesy Vectis Auctions Ltd.

Throughout its pages, Bob provides his first hand account of Palitoy’s rise to prominence and details how globalisation of the toy industry enacted sweeping changes that would transform the industry forever, leading to the demise of Palitoy and many of its contemporaries.

As well as featuring the toys, the book will tell the story of the people behind Palitoy, with first hand accounts from many of its staff collected by the author through personal interviews and research of contemporary publications.

Digital mock-up. Final interior design subject to change.
Action Man display at the Palitoy Toy Factory, 1967.


Celebrating the creativity, ingenuity and vision of Palitoy’s team, this book will be a highly visual experience for its readers. This hardbound coffee table book will contain 256 full colour pages. It will be beautifully printed and bound, making it an essential addition to every toy collector’s library.

Tiny Tears dolls being packed on the Assembly line at Palitoy in Coalville.
Baby Alive packaging image courtesy Vectis Auctions Ltd.
The hand of Bob. Action Man’s gripping hand, modelled on Bob Brechin’s own hand.
Tressy image courtesy Alison Craven. Pippa’s Car and Pippa images courtesy Vectis Auctions Ltd.

Risks and challenges

Bob Brechin is well known in the Star Wars, Action Man and Action Force communities for his thoroughly researched and in-depth presentations that provide unique insights into the toy industry. Bob has already completed the research, writing and editing of the manuscript for this project, so all of that work is complete and all that remains is to typeset and design the finished book. Brian Hickey has an excellent track record of producing books of a similar calibre to this one, with Total Action Force Volumes One and Two funded, produced and delivered in advance of their projected dates. Brian is a professional in his field with years of experience in graphic design, photography and publishing. Total Action Force: The Battle years picked up the accolade of receiving an Honourable Mention at the 2021 International Design Awards. We are certain we have the necessary experience to make sure that backers receive an excellent product, and in a timely manner. Our pricing reflects the production costs based on quotes from reputable printers in Ireland, so that we can keep a close eye on the printing process and deliver a premium product to backers. All of the necessary permissions and licenses are in place for all the archival imagery featured in the book.

This book is one that we’re all going to want to add to our libraries, as there’s no better source of truth on the topic than Mr. Brechin.

In case you missed the link above, you can get your pledge in here: My Palitoy Story

Best of luck to all involved!

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