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Final Countdown For After Action Report Command Files Kickstarter

Heads up! There’s only 19 hours left to go for the After Action Report: Command Files G.I. JOE Character Guide Kickstarter campaign. To help mark the occasion, the cover for the book by none other than Mr. Mark Pennington was shared. Here’s the scoop –

After Action Report: G.I. Joe Comic Guide will be LIVE with David T. Allen on the G.I. Joe New News Review tomorrow night (that’s Saturday May 20th).

And here is the Command Files cover by the amazing Mark Pennington.

We have just hours left on or Kickstarter. So back it right NOW – As soon as you see this post – there is no more time to waste – Don’t even read the rest of this post , you don’t have time!!! Just click this link NOW:


Oh, and it is fully funded, so it IS coming out.

There’s no time like the present for those of you that have been holding off on joining in on the campaign. Congrats to Roger, Josh and all involved!

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