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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Robotix


It’s that time, my friends! Grab your favorite breakfast treat, pull up a seat and get ready to go back in time with another blast from the past in cartoon form!

This time around, we’re going back to 1985 to check out the short lived, but oh-so-awesome Robotix series! Check it out –

From The Robotix Wiki –

Robotix is a 1985 American animated series based on the original Milton Bradley toyline of the same name featured on the Super Sunday programming block. The toyline is of the construction type that includes motors, wheels and pincers and similar to the Erector Set and K’Nex. The series follows the conflict between the peaceful, white Protectons and the warmongering, black Terrakors on the prehistoric alien world Skalorr V in an alternate universe in the distant future and two groups of humans who get caught up in it.

The show was produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions and animated in Japan by Toei Animation, which also animated other cartoons featured on Super Sunday.

I remember this show would air on Super Sunday alongside Big Foot and the Muscle Machines. Ah, simpler times, my friends.

Did you enjoy Robotix? Have any of the building sets? Sound off below, then make sure to swing by next week for more Saturday Morning Cartoons!

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