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Operation Hemingway Field Report

Over the last couple of weeks, the marketing team behind the G.I.Joe Classified Series have been sharing fun, cryptic updates in the form of secret transmissions via their social media channels. The latest was just shared, check out the slideshow below –

Agent Longfellow, whom we can only assume is either Chuckles or Agent Faces, noted last week that they were on XXXXX XXXXXX; This week, that’s been revealed to be Cobra Island (easy enough).

Agent Longfellow goes on to note that he’s infiltrated a Patrol and has intel straight from Cobra Commander and Destro, while making reference of the need for powerful equipment, eluding to the next HasLab project.

The communication goes on to note that “Mole Rats” have been excavating…Dark Energon? Will we see a Transformers Crossover somewhere. Anyways, I digress…

We go on to learn that product samples are already in hand and further updates will be in route soon…YoJoe June, perhaps? Only time will tell.

What’s your thoughts on the latest update? Sound off!

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