Whiskeyjack Toys

Legends of the Hidden Force Campaign Relaunching May 7th

Heads up! Whiskeyjack Toys has shared word across social media that they’re relaunching their Legends of the Hidden Force Kickstarter campaign this coming Sunday, May 7th at 1pm EST! Here’s the scoop –

Thank you so much to everyone that has been waiting for this.
A week ago we pulled down our kickstarter for retooling, taking into consideration everyone’s feedback.

Next week we will be launching the campaign anew – leaner, smaller, and focusing on just the items you’ve all told us you want.

The launch will livestream through whiskeyjack from sunny Temecula California next week @socal_joe_show (check their info for directions), and will end with another whiskeyjack livestream @joefest_toy_comic in Augusta Georgia – check their info as well.

Sunday May 7th, the fun begins!

Will you be getting in on the campaign this time around? Sound off!

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