1:18th Scale Toy News & Rumors Callsign: Longbow


The Grindstone Toys team have shared a new update on their Callsign: Longbow project. For update #28, we’re treated to an art & sculpt updates and more! Check it out –


Can you believe April is over? We’ve been busy making progress on all things LONGBOW™ and preparing for the trek to Joefest (June 9-11, 2023) in Augusta, Georgia.  Come see us at the show: https://www.joefestusa.com/

Art Update

This month’s art is KEITH “OUTLAW” OVERBY. This wise-cracking operator specializes in SWAT tactics and Close Quarters Battle (CQB). As with all CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™  figures, this art is done by legendary illustrator & painter Douglas Hart (G.I. Joe, Visionaries, Stargate).


Sculpting Update

To go with this month’s art preview, here is the digital sculpt for OUTLAW.

KEITH “OUTLAW” OVERBY comes with a removable gasmask, SMG, and satchel bag (not pictured) 

“OUTLAW” Action Figure sculpt with Gasmask accessory.

First Shots

Our friends at SKELETRON shared an update last week, including First Shots of the Retro Wolf-Trooper/Skeletron( and GHOST) o-ring figure.  The next part of the process is that we will review these first shots and ask the factory to make adjustments to fine-tune the fit and details of the figure.  With each of these steps, these figures get closer to delivery!

Photos courtesy of Dave Proctor

DFW G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show

Join John in Grapevine, Texas at the Dallas/Fort Worth G.I. Joe and Action Figure Show on June 24th! Find out more at:  https://www.dfwjoeshow.com/ 

Thank you again to all of our backers for making this project a reality!


There you have it, folks! Outlaw looks fantastic and I for one can’t wait to have him in hand! What are your thoughts on Outlaw and this project as a whole? Sound off below, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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