Revenge of Cobra Storyboards by Will Meugniot

Those G.I.Joe Model Sheets from the first Marvel G.I.Joe Comics Ad that I posted yesterday weren’t the only amazing piece of G.I.Joe history that Mr. Will Meugniot shared this week!

Towards the tail end of the week, Will shared a selection of storyboard pages for the title sequence from G.I.Joe The Revenge of Cobra! What’s fascinating is how organically this all came together. Slide through below to check it out –

Pages from my storyboard for the title sequence for the second GI Joe miniseries. I needed some quick cash (I was still doing DNAgents and the payments were often long in coming) and Marvel needed a title overnight. So, instant title and instant rent money — our needs matched!

Could you imagine if Will didn’t need some quick cash? The Universe always works exactly how it intends to and for that, my friends, I’m eternally grateful.

Speaking of which, many thanks again go to Mr. Will Meugniot for sharing these pieces of G.I.Joe history with us. Make sure to give him a follow on Facebook and stay tuned to the ‘Port for more!

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