Will Meugniot Shares First Ever G.I.Joe Model Sheets

Mr. Will Meugniot took to Facebook to share an awesome piece of G.I.Joe history with the public – Feast your eyes on the first ever G.I.Joe Model Sheets! From Will –

GI Joe animation models done by me for the first Joe comic book ad, and signed off on by Nelson Shin, the spot’s director, on 9/23/81. At that point I was only starting to do models, so they’re far from my best work in that capacity, but that aside, I do have the distinction of having drawn the first ever Joe model sheets.

You can check out the first animated Marvel Comics ad on YouTube courtesy of 3DJoes here –

Amazing to think that so much came after that very first comic book ad. Those ads sure were awesome, weren’t they?

5 comments on “Will Meugniot Shares First Ever G.I.Joe Model Sheets

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  2. pat kauchick

    Please provide update on Slam Girl. Previewed at Comic Con NYC, 2022. Many of us purchased first four villain digital and physical art and the best four villains were also discussed. When will they be brought out? Either with past partner or new partner?

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  3. Nft4life

    Is this going up for auction or NFT format or anything ?

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    • Hey NFT! Not that I’m aware of, but I’ll keep an eye on Will’s page and keep you posted if that changes!


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