G.I Joe: My Favorite Things Script

My heartfelt thanks once again go to Mr. Simon Letch, the Curator of/for the Sunbow Marvel Archive. He has done an amazing archival job and his latest addition to the G.I.Joe section of the archive is definitely no exception!

By way of Mr. Rich Helscher comes the first script from the original G.I.Joe series to be made public since 2010 – The season 2 episode “My Favorite Things”. You can check out that episode below –

From the Archive

Written by Doug Booth and edited by Buzz Dixon, this episode delves into Serpentor’s quest to acquire artifacts once owned by the tyrants and conquerors whose DNA was used to create the Cobra Emperor. Once he has gained possession, the memories and powers of his genetic forebears are at his command. Meanwhile, the incessant inter-service bickering between US Marine Leatherneck and Navy Seal Wet-suit comes to a head. As the pair’s glory-hogging results in Leatherneck being gravely wounded.

Click through below for a sample of the script –

How absolutely awesome is that? If you’d like to see the script in its entirety, make sure to head over to G.I.Joe Part 2 (1986-1992) section of the Sunbow Marvel Archive!

Thanks once again to Simon for all of his efforts!

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