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First In-Hand Shots of Retro SKELETRON/Wolf Trooper Figure

Heads up! The Skeletron team has shared a handful of images, showing us our first in-hand look at the Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper figure coming our way. Here’s the scoop from the latest update

Hello Roboskullers,

We’ve received in-hand First Shots of our Retro SKELETRON/Wolf Trooper Figure, and they look fantastic! 

Photos courtesy of Dave Proctor

As expected, some small adjustments to the molds will need to be made and then we’ll receive updated test shots prior to final production.

First Shot definition, courtesy of Joe Declassified & 3DJoes

Progress is also being made on all other fronts, and tooling has commenced for our Marauder 4″ Wolf Trooper/Blood Wolf/Red Weasel/Gyre Wolf figures!

The Roboskull™ MKII, Roboknight Heavy Metal Armor, and Elite Flight Stand currently reside with our experienced action figure vehicle partner in Hong Kong.  We expect there will be just one additional review in the next few weeks before tooling commences for the Roboskull and accessories.   Here’s a peek at a couple of sculpting detail upgrades being incorporated into the production of the Roboskull MKII:

Our highly-detailed 6″ Red Shadows™ figures continue to progress, and the technical articulation/engineering is being worked on for our completed 6″ figure sculpts.

4″ & 6″ Skeletron™ figures are currently further behind the rest of the figures, though they may yet catch up with the Wolf Pack.   The first draft of the TOTAL ROBOSKULL hardcover is complete, and will no doubt be ready for print as soon as we complete the final product photo shoot.  Finally, for those of you who pre-ordered the Roboskull Vinyl album, it is in production and we expect it will be ready to ship with the next wave of toys.  The final double-sided album cover is below-  Happy Record Store Day!


So, where does all this put us on our delivery schedule?  Even with continued progress on all products, we feel that the overall pace of progress is putting our late summer target at risk.  We are continuing to push for late summer, and believe it is likely that we will split shipping into a wave of toys as we await the completion of the balance of products.  We sincerely apologize for the additional time that is needed for us to complete this Kickstarter, and we GREATLY appreciate your patience and continued support!   We will continue to keep you updated, and we are committed to delivering everything as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality we all expect.



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