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Legends of the Hidden Force Kickstarter Canceled

For those that backed the LOTHF Kickstarter campaign, or were planning to, prepare for some unfortunate news – The team over at Whiskeyjack Toys has announced that they’re canceling the campaign, so that they may focus on retooling and relaunching in a format that will help drive the campaign’s overall success. Here’s the scoop from Darren/Whiskeyjack Toys –

We will be back. Promise.

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Whiskeyjack Toys

April 20, 2023

I realize that it’s been a few days of radio silence on our end. Matt, Chad, and I had to make some hard decisions.

Tonight we are going to voluntarily end our kickstarter early.

We thank each of you – sincerely + deeply.

We know there’s a signature ‘Kickstarter push’ at the end of a campaign that boosts sales, but we feel we can do better by you all if we stop, retool, and relaunch.

While we may have over-estimated what the audience was willing to or able to support, the point that can’t be overlooked is that there’s an audience. Legends of the Hidden Force has an audience, and a fan base. We are so grateful to have fans for this story and these characters already. It fuels us and drives us to want to provide the best we can, in a way that our audience wants to receive it.

So, we will be re-submitting to Kickstarter tonight. That means we should only be a week or two away from being up and running again, launching the campaign anew.

We’re making it leaner, smaller, easier to go ‘all-in’, and friendlier to foreign fans to buy in – all of which will also give it a faster turn around time to get these figures into your hands.

While we hope those of you that tried to support us come back to our re-tooled campaign next month, we can appreciate that it’s possible one of the figures you were most anticipating may be one of the ones being held back to a later time. We promise that if this kickstarter funds, we will eventually be able to get to the remaining 12 figures once we’ve produced the first 12.

Thank you everyone, for helping us achieve our dreams of creating a vast world of 3 3/4” o-ring action figures beyond the military format. We have so much in store for you. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being receptive and willing to support new ideas and concepts (even if they are sandwiched in between familiar ideas). We all know the toy world needs new ideas and we have them by the truckload, just waiting to be unleashed.

In the meantime – hang out with us at our website www.whiskeyjacktoys.com We’ve just gotten it up and running. You can chill out with us there and let us know what you think, or ask questions, or find out more about whiskeyjacktoys and Legends of the Hidden Force.

Thank you. Cheers,


There you have it, folks.

I’ll be sure to share word when the campaign is launched again, so be on the look out!

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