Remembering Artist Hector Garrido 1928-2020

My thanks go to The Finest Costume Club for the reminder that 3 years ago today, we lost artist extraordinaire, Mr. Hector Garrido. Hector was responsible for much of the iconic painted artwork that was found on G.I.Joe packaging. It’s safe to say that his artwork sparked a fire in our imaginations that burns bright to this day.

Mr. Garrido was born in Argentina and studied art in Buenos Aires before emigrating to the United States. His career began in the 1950s and in addition to G.I. Joe, his resume included The Three Investigators, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Baroness, as well as the 1969 “Astronauts” cover for Time magazine. He died at age 92.

My continued prayers go to his friends, family and fans. May he rest in eternal peace.

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