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Operation: Recall Buck Update

Never let it be said that Carson isn’t a man of the people. Today via various social channels came word from Operation: Recall that they’ve taken feedback in to consideration regarding their bucks and have made a few tweaks here and there. 😉 Check out the results –

Operation: Recall buck update — we listen!

Since the first Joe Fest O:R panel, we’d been thinking through how and where to add size variance to the O:R figures. We determined we’d like 10 of the 18 figure to be standard size, while the other 8 would vary by 0.25” in height and/or width. We initially were limiting this variance to the torsos, but we heard from several of you that it looked a little cartoony, or exaggerated. I learned in design school to never shy from constructive criticism. We went back to the drawing board and decided to split the height variation between the lower/upper legs and torso. This is the way.

Here’s the result!

Standard ⏺️ male buck

Wide and tall ⬅️⬆️➡️ male buck

Standard ⏺️ male buck

While we’ve been working on bucks, Ron Rudat and Mark Pennington have been revising character art and drafting engineering drawings, and Bill Merklein and Mike Good (more on him soon!) are sculpting Breacher, Cadavers, and SHHHH.

Let’s ROLL!

My excitement level is already through the roof! What about you? Did you contribute to the campaign? Are you excited for these new 1:18 scale offerings?

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