Super7 G.I.Joe ReAction Cobra Escape Pack Revealed

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke! Today, Super7 revealed a new G.I.Joe ReAction 3 pack that includes Cobra Commander, The Baroness and Destro as they appeared in Pyramid of Darkness! Another thing that isn’t a joke – The set will run you $65.00. Check it out –

It may be April Fool’s Day, but Cobra ain’t foolin’ anyone with these cockamamie disguises! Inspired by the Cobra leadership’s ham-handed attempt to avoid capture at the end of the Pyramid of Darkness miniseries, Super7 has put together an homage to what might be the best/worst escape plan of all time! Featuring Baroness as a nurse, Cobra Commander as an old lady, and Destro as a city worker, the G.I. Joe ReAction Cobra Escape Pack comes in graffiti-scrawled subway car slipcase-style packaging and includes grocery bag, hammer, and medical bag accessories. Don’t be a fool by letting the G.I. Joe ReAction Cobra Escape Pack reach the end of the line without adding it to your collection!

  • Grocery bag
  • Hammer
  • Medical bag
Details And Specs
Product Material/ProcessInjected Plastic & Paint
Product Dimensions (in)3.75″
Weight.6 lb
Packaging ArtistSuper7
Country of OriginVietnam

G.I.Joe ReAction Cobra Escape Pack – Surveillance Port

That’s a lot of fun! Will you be adding this set to your G.I.Joe collection?

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