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Heads up! The fine folks over at Grindstone Toys have shared an update on their Callsign: Longbow Kickstarter campaign; Check out This killer art update for Alberto “Uptown” Chapman!


It’s time again for a progress update. February and March have been busy months for our team and we’ve been hard at work on everything CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™. 

Art Update

This month’s packaging art update is LONGBOW™ 2-2’s newest member, ALBERTO “UPTOWN” CHAPMAN! Uptown may be the new guy, but he’s already an accomplished soldier and keeps his cool in combat. As with all CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™  figures, this art is done by legendary illustrator & painter Douglas Hart.

ALBERTO “UPTOWN” CHAPMAN art by Douglas Hart.
ALBERTO “UPTOWN” CHAPMAN art by Douglas Hart.

Sculpting Update

While we’re on the subject of UPTOWN, let’s take a look at his newly completed digital sculpt!

ALBERTO “UPTOWN” CHAPMAN comes with a helmet, backpack, rifle, and knife. The knife accessory can be stored on the side of the backpack.

“UPTOWN” Action Figure sculpt with accessory storage.


And to the most exciting part of the update, CUT STEEL!

This tooling includes accessories for “GHOST”  as well as the “RETRO WOLF TROOPER / SKELETRON” figure for the ROBOSKULL MKII by our friends at SKELETRON!

Steel Tooling for LONGBOW “GHOST” and SKELETRON “RETRO WOLF TROOPER” accessories.


We will once again be in attendance at JoeFest, June 9-11 in Augusta, GA. You can find out more about the show here: https://www.joefestusa.com/

Thank you again to all of our backers for making this project a reality!


What’s old is new again and I’m ALL-IN on the 1:18th revival going on as of late! Uptown looks amazing and I honestly can’t wait to add him to my collection.

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