TBT – Hasbro Hascon G.I.Joe Space Shuttle Concept Art

For this edition of #TBT, I’m taking it way back! Before the Defiant Shuttle Complex and Star Brigade, there was the 1984 G.I.Joe Shuttle!

Back in 2017, as promotion for the inaugural HASCON event was underway, Hasbro Pulse shared fun teasers of what fans could expect to encounter at the show via various social media pages. One of those images was this concept for a G.I.Joe Space Shuttle way back in 1984!


Hasbro Pulse
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Before the #Defiant and #StarBrigade were presented this #gijoe #Shuttle concept was proposed in 1984! Come to #HASCON and learn why the idea of a space vehicle was shelved a few more years!

Hasbro Pulse on Facebook, August 2017

This image was one of many that was on display at HASCON and needless to say, Joe fans enjoyed quite a treat! I’ve always loved space related play themes, so this piece would’ve been right up my alley!

Is this concept something you would’ve liked to have added to your collection?

2 comments on “TBT – Hasbro Hascon G.I.Joe Space Shuttle Concept Art

  1. Sam Smith

    Wow 👏 that’s fairly realistic and true to what shuttles looked like. What’s the story on why it got shelved?

    Hasbro released the Defiant the year after the Challenger explosion. That’s not great timing. Looking back, I wonder if Hasbro would have preferred to do a shuttle in 84 instead of 87.

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    • Hey Sam! Thanks for constantly engaging with great questions!

      You’ll have to forgive me, as my memory is fuzzy. IIRC, it was shelved as the focus was on military, not space.

      As for the Defiant, you aren’t kidding. I remember seeing the Challenger explosion on TV in class…then asking my parents for the Defiant the next year. Can you take a guess as to what their answer was? 😉

      In English: No
      In Italian (my Dad): No
      In Spanish (my Mom): No
      In Dyslexic: On
      In Mime: …..


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