Saturday Morning Cartoons – G.I.Joe Operation Dragonfire

It’s time for some saturday morning cartoons!

The incredible adventures of the international team of heroes known as G.I. JOE continue! Together they defend the globe against Cobra, a ruthless organization led by Serpentor and the recently rejuvenated Cobra Commander, who are both determined to conquer the world by any means necessary.

In 1989 a popular second G.I. JOE animated series was created and helped revive the franchise by introducing fans to new G.I. JOE and Cobra troops alike! Now you can experience the adventures of that second series from the beginning, including the fan-favorite miniseries that started it all: Operation Dragonfire!

G.I. Joe and Cobra battle around the world for sources of a mysterious energy called Dragonfire to power a new weapon! Who will win? Find out by watching below!

Many thanks to the fine folks over at Sgt. Slaughter’s Slaughterhouse for posting this up on YouTube!

I love that we got to see at least one subgroup in action and one of the best at that! What are your thoughts on Operation Dragonfire?

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