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Gridiron Studios 1:12 ULTIMATE Combat Medic Load-Out Revealed

If you’re a fan of the 1:12 scale, then chances are you’ve heard of Gridiron Studios. Heck, there’s even more of a chance that you own their product.

The Gridiron team has been putting out high end/high quality 1:12 scale offerings for some time now, but oddly enough, I’ve never shared any of their work here. That changes today, as you NEED to see this – Check out their 1:12 ULTIMATE Combat Medic Load-Out!

This amazing kit includes just about everything you’d need to make a faithful recreation of Doc, the G.I.Joe Medic:

Green Ray-Ban’s (because of course!)
Classic Emergency flare
Book monitor
Blood & Saline
Trauma shears
800MHz radio
So much more!

You can get your set here: Gridiron Studios GA0310A (OD) 1:12 ULTIMATE Combat Medic Load-Out – Surveillance Port

*Please note – This is NOT a paid advertisement. I own quite a few Gridiron sets myself and only share items here that I would add to my own collection.

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