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ICYMI – Super Joe Unlimited 1:18 Line Coming Soon?

#ICYMI – Earlier this month, artist extraordinaire, George Vega reached out to share word on a new line of 1:18 offerings that he’s recently done some design work on. That line? Just a revival of Super Joe!

Now, for those unfamiliar with Super Joe, a quick google search will bring you a bounty of info. No worries though, I’ve got you covered with cliff notes 😉

Back in the late 70’s, the Super Joe Adventure Team was introduced and was offered in a smaller scale (8.5″). The Super Joe Adventure Team was much more sci-fi, introducing futuristic equipment and fighting monster/alien types.

This line represented the last “larger scale” action figure offering under the G.I.Joe umbrella for awhile, as A Real American Hero would kick off just over half a decade later in 1982.

Ok, now that you’re up to speed (somewhat), check out these (4) design pieces from George –

Super Joe Commander



Shield Android Fighters

Yeah, you can definitely count me in on a Super Joe Commander and Gor-gon at the very least! Many thanks once again to George for the heads up on this!

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