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G.I.Joe Classified Series Cobra Range Viper and Night Force Big Ben Revealed

By way of JTPrime17 comes another pair of G.I.Joe Classified Series reveals – This time around, we get to check out figures slated to go up for preorder as part of Walmart’s Collector Con set to take place this coming Thursday, March 16th at 10am EST!

Let’s start things off by checking out Big Ben! This particular version is being released under the Night Force subgroup banner, confirming what we heard earlier – That Walmart would be getting their own subgroup offering, similar to how Target is offering Python Patrol and Slaugther’s Mad Marauders. Check it out:

He looks absolutely fantastic! That second head is just brilliant! Speaking of brilliant, check this out…

Up next is a Cobra troop builder that EVERYONE is going to want to get their hands on, the Cobra Range-Viper!

Wow, talk about an amazing figure! His mask is absolutely perfect and that load out? *Chef’s kiss*

Now, let’s just hope that Walmart gets this right and has enough to go around. That said, if past experience is any indicator, these will sell out fast and 20% of folks that manage to get an order in will have their order canceled. Ah, the joys of Walmart preorders, amirite?

Now, if you look closely, there’s a few easter eggs to check out – On Range Viper’s packaging, he appears to have crystals near his feet. With all that we’ve seen on other upcoming packages, could a B.A.F. style M.A.S.S. Device be on the way?

On Ben’s package, we see a mine in the background…but is that a…a German Shepard? Order old boy, is that you? I guess time will tell.

No official Hasbro verbiage for these two have been made available as of yet, but I’ll be sure to bring you those details once they’ve been made available.

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