Saturday Morning Cartoons – G.I.Joe Sigma 6

You know what time it is! Go grab a bowl of your favorite cereal, hop in to your favorite spot and get ready for another block of G.I.Joe cartoons, as it’s Saturday morning!

This week, we’re checking out G.I.Joe Sigma 6. For those unfamiliar with the series, S6 first aired in 2005 (almost 20 years ago, YIKES). It was a large departure for ARAH fans, but brought in a new generation of G.I.Joe enthusiasts.

Click through below to kick things off with episode 1!

I still love the designs used here and the whole “not Robot Rebellion” vibe of the series. Plus, we got so much awesomeness from S6 – for instance, the RHINO and R.O.C.C., just to name a couple.

What are your thoughts on S6? Do/did you enjoy the series, or can you skip it all together as this generation’s “G.I.Joe Extreme”?

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