Eagle Force Returns

Eagle Force Intel Trading Cards Kickstarter Campaign

Heads up! The Drawn Word has launched a new Eagle Force related Kickstarter campaign and as per usual, the campaign has already funded!

This time around, Chris sets out to bring us a series of Eagle Force Intel trading cards. Check it out –

Eagle Force Intel Trading Cards from The Drawn Word – Kickstarter

Collect the agents of Eagle Force, R.I.O.T., Operation: Monster Force, and more with this exclusive trading card set!

Who is Eagle Force? This crack elite international global peace-keeping force has its roots during World War II as Operation: E.A.G.L.E. and continues today, with different iterations along the way. They’re more than fighting terrorist organizations, with offshoots battling the supernatural as well as cosmic menaces.

The first pack of Eagle Force Intel trading cards feature 24 warriors of the Eagle Force Universe, including the 1940s Operation: E.A.G.L.E., The Agency of the 1970s, 1980s Eagle Force classic, 1990s MEGA team, and 21st century’s Operation: Monster Force and Eagle Force Returns teams. This set introduces the NEWLY REVEALED code names for the historical Eagle Force teams, and give the Intel on:

  • The Cat (Agency)
  • General Brown (Space Force)
  • Gearshift (Returns)
  • Commander Eagle (Singularity)
  • Nemesis II (Returns)
  • A.S.P.S. (Returns)
  • Grimm Reaper
  • Killer (The Agency/Spy Force)
  • Goldie Hawk (MEGA)
  • Captain Eagle (Classic)
  • Captain Eagle (Returns)
  • The Black Knight (The Agency/Spy Force)
  • Agent Van Helsing (Operation: Monster Force)
  • Forgotten King (Operation: Monster Force)
  • Goregills
  • Sgt. John Eagle (Operation: E.A.G.L.E.)
  • Ultima Thule (Returns)
  • Jet Powers (Voyagers)
  • C.L.A.W. Henchman
  • The Cat (MEGA)

–and more!

This set also comes with FOUR exclusive metal cards featuring Harley, The Cat, Jay Blackrope, and General Brown over the years. These are only limited to this campaign and will not be available afterwards.

Metallic sheen simulated as proof of concept

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is always in production delays. I am using a very reliable resource, so don’t anticipate anything going sideways. But, if it does, I’ll keep you posted!

As mentioned earlier, the campaign has already funded, so this is a sure win for your collection!

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