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REMINDER – G.I.Joe Fanstream – March 8, 2023


Make sure to set an alarm for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 8th at 11am EST, as that’s when the next Hasbro Pulse G.I.Joe Fanstream event will be taking place!

#YoJoe! Join Emily, Lenny, and Tony as they takeover #HasbroPulse‘s YouTube for a #GIJoe #Fanstream on March 8th at 11:00am ET with action-packed reveals, updates, and of course, some pre-orders you’ve been waiting for! Make sure you don’t miss out!

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Whereas I’m sure we’ll get reveals and pre-orders, much of the buzz around the internet pertains to:

  • The Layoffs that impacted the G.I.Joe team
  • The QC issues that have impacted the Skystriker release
  • The sculpting choice for Lt. Falcon

I’m sure that the Fanstream chat will be full of eloquent, thoughtful conversation regarding these topics.

I’ll be sure to do my best to bring you up-to-the-minute reporting from the event, so on that note, see you there!

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