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BlackMajorMonday – Black Major Toys 2019 SEv2 Pictorial Gallery

Way back in 2019, I had the privilege of sharing pictorial reviews of the new “SEv2” based offerings from Black Major Toys.

The collection, based on the highly popular second version of G.I.Joe’s Snake Eyes, gave us an updated twist on fan favorite characters, along with new characters and even a homage!

Below’s bullet list includes all 9 wave 1 offerings. If you’d like to check out any of the individual galleries, they’ll be linked below alongside a brief wrap up as well. Check it out –

Figures included in wave 1 of the assortment are:

Each new Mortal/Invasor came with a Sword, Uzi, Back Pack and Wolf. Each Wolf has a unique paint scheme that matches their handler. The Ghost Mortal even came with GITD (glow in the dark) accessories! How cool is that?

Collectors, as I’ve mentioned in other SEv2 reviews, please note – The Sword IS SHARP AND HAS A VERY POINTY EDGE. As such, I wouldn’t recommend that particular weapon for smaller children (and you be careful too, lol!)

Now, many who pick this figure up may note that the sword doesn’t exactly fit in the slots on the backpack. Well, no worries, you can do one of two things –

  1. Place the blade on it’s side (see pics above).
  2. Carefully shave off the excess in each slot.

A small nitpick, really, as the Sword being held in a different position allows us to look at the figure as completely different, embracing his new role as Cobra Operative.

It’s always awesome to add new o-ring goodness to the collection. I had an absolute blast sharing these reviews with you!

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