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Forgotten Figures reviews the Unproduced 1995 G.I.Joe Ninja Commando Budo

I’m hopping in the way back machine this #SundayFunday with a look at the Unproduced 1995 Ninja Commando Budo, courtesy of Forgotten Figures!

It was almost 6 years ago (!!!) that Forgotten Figures originally showcased this amazing rarity. Here’s an excerpt from review:

1995 GI Joe Ninja Commando Budo Forgotten Figures - Surveillance Port

The Ninja Commandos are one of the more famous groups of unproduced Joes. Historically, the rank just behind the Manimals in terms of notoriety. This is mostly due to the fact that they were very close to production. And, like the Manimals, exist in full production versions: just very few of them. The set was designed as a 5 figure group featuring Road Pig, Knockout, Stormshadow, Flint and Budo. Of the group, Budo made a lot of sense. He had a martial arts background (though as a Samurai) and was in need of an update. Of the figures in the set, Budo is also the most famous, but for different reasons.

If you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the full Unproduced 1995 Ninja Commando Budo write up over on Forgotten Figures.

What’s your take on Ninja Commando Budo? Would you add him to your collection of you had the chance?

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