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Power Comics Inc Announces New Super Joe Unlimited Comic

It was just last week when Power Comics, Inc. noted that they had a special announcement regarding G.I.Joe and would share that news today, March 1st.

Well friends, that moment is here, although the announcement shared may differ from what many were assuming (and you know what they say when you assume).

The announcement? A new Comic Book based on Super Joe, titled “Super Joe Unlimited”, is set to launch at Toylanta 2023! Check it out –

Today, Power Comics, Inc. proudly announces it’s partnership with Super Joe Unlimited to produce for the first time, an official comic book series dedicated to Super Joe!

Super Joe Unlimited recently relaunched the 1977 Super Joe 9” action figure line selling out it’s initial production run of figures and accessories. Piggybacking on that tremendous success Power Comics will release the comic book series entitled Super Joe Unlimited in the Summer of 2023.

“We are very excited at the opportunity to bring Super Joe to the wonderful world of comics,” stated Jason Schiermeyer, CEO of Super Joe Unlimited. Austin Hough, publisher of Power Comics, Inc. added, “There is very little back story surrounding Super Joe, so it’s like we have this ‘blank canvas’ to really create something new and special. And, we all know how much artists love a blank canvas.”

Issue 1 features comic book legend Bob Hall recreating his iconic cover of Marvel Comics’ G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #4 from 1982 using the Super Joe action figures and play sets from the original 1977 toy line.

Power Comics is making this cover available as an 11”x17” print, autographed by Hall, and available exclusively for the upcoming Toylanta con March 24th-26th.

Posters can be purchased for $25 each via PayPal at and picked up at the My Vintage Toys and Trains booth at Toylanta March 25th and 26th. When ordering, please include the number of posters you are requesting in the Notes section.

If you cannot attend Toylanta, you can still purchase an autographed poster, or posters. Simply add $12.50 to cover shipping (up to 10 posters), and please make sure to include your mailing address. The autographed poster(s) will ship flat following the conclusion of Toylanta.

Follow Power Comics, Inc. on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more announcements concerning release dates, availability, story lines, AND the announcement of the rest of the creative team behind Super Joe Unlimited!


Pretty cool! It’s great to hear that Mr. Bob Hall’s artwork is included and that posters of said artwork will be available later this year.

Will you be picking up any Super Joe Unlimited related merchandise?

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