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MARS Industries AIRWOLF™ 1:18 Scale Toy Helicopter Review by Kessel Run Collecting

Back in August 2021, a new outfit going by the name of “MARS Industries” launched a Kickstarter campaign for an iconic vehicle in 1:18 scale – None other than the Air Wolf Helicopter! Here’s the scoop direct from the campaign page

Announcing the 1:18 Scale AIRWOLF™!  

….Can you hear it?

This all started as personal project to bring life to a childhood dream of owning a toy Airwolf that could go on adventures with GI Joe.  This toy was never to be… until today!     

While in development, we have strived to pack in as many practical features, accurate details and durability into this product as possible.

The Concept:  To build a scale version of Airwolf that would accommodate the popular scale figures of our childhood….and make it AWESOME!

Materials used:  

The finished product will be a combination of:

– Durable Resin (Body)

– Vacuumed formed plastic (Canopy Windows)

– Steel 

– Neodymium Magnets 

Airwolf will accommodate 3-3/4″ inch as well as 4″ inch action figures. 

Interior Details

Front seats are adjustable to accommodate nearly all 3-3/4 and 4″ action figures

Rear seat is can be positioned in a wide range in the rear cockpit and also rotates.  

Instrument Panel details
Both front seats are adjustable via magnets to accommodate a huge range of vintage and modern action figures

Available Models of Airwolf being currently offered through this Kickstarter are:

DIY Edition:

Every piece is included to build your Airwolf. No additional purchases necessary to complete

 Standard Edition molded in color:

Airwolf molded in color

   Airwolf  Masterpiece Edition fully painted:

 Exterior Details

  All landing gear retracts and locks into place with magnets, limiting wear & tear 

Rear landing gear operates by magnets and slide lock, limiting wear and tear.

Airwolf comes in at 29 inches long with the tail attached. 

Size comparison to two widely known GI Joe toys:

Airwolf nose to nose with Night Raven
Airwolf and Tomahawk

…Wait…. Did they say “With the tail attached” ???

Did we forget to mention that the rotors, weapons pods, engine AND tail detach for playability, easy display and a smaller footprint ??


Compared to Night Raven with the tail section removed
Compared to Tomahawk with the tail section removed
All detachable magnetic body parts shown here
Weapons detached for Cruise Mode. Both cannons and rocket launcher are magnetic and easy to remove for any display desired.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it sure did to 159 backers, as they pledged a total of over $70,000 to bring this project to life back in September of 2021.

As time marched on, this campaign fell victim to the most common of Kickstarter headaches – delays. There’s also rumblings within the community of not-so-pleasant commentary from the creator(s) when asked on delivery status, timelines, et al. I personally haven’t read them (nor did I dig deep enough find these comments, so your mileage may vary).

With a year and a half now gone, backers have begun receiving their product. For those that opted with the DYI kit, it’s unfortunate to say that a complete mess is heading their way, as illustrated by Kessel Run Collecting.

KRC has 17+ years of experience as a prop & model builder, so this kit should have been an absolute breeze. Thankfully, he’s posted videos of his experience, showing that the last thing this project has been is enjoyable. The worst rub? No refund is being offered. Ouch.

Check out the videos below and if you picked up an Air Wolf for yourself, let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced the same.

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