Operation: Recall

Operation: Recall Line Review of Waves 3 and 4

Carson has shared a pair of new updates via the Operation: Recall Kickstarter page! Let’s dig right in!

The Operation: Recall line review for waves 3 and 4 are complete!

Here’s a sneak peek at the summary memos for all 8 figures. These recap the design direction Kirk has given the designers based on their first round of ideation.

Operation: Recall wave 3 and wave 4 ideation revision memos

These memos accompany the marked up ideation, seen below.

Operation: Recall wave 3 and wave 4 ideation markups, plus a bonus!

Yep, I snuck General Mortífero in there. More on him in just a second.

If you’d like to see all of the ideation markups, check out this video on YouTube!

There’s months of work, and limitless potential on these pages. Thank you to the concept creators and the designers Ron Rudat and Mark Pennington for their amazing ideas, to Larry Hama for the brilliant dossiers, and to Kirk Bozigian for his line review leadership!

Three Doug Hart package paintings, two Ron Rudat preproduction runs, and three Mark Pennington preproduction runs remain: Cadaver, Runback + PAC-DOG, The Unknown by Mark Pennington, Damselfly and Night Raid + Ozzie by Ron Rudat, and Lilith, Runback + PAC-DOG, and The Unknown by Doug Hart. Add them to your BackerKit to secure a piece of toy history!

If you’re a Kickstarter backer and can’t find your BackerKit link, you can recover your survey here: https://operationrecall.backerkit.com/

Not in on the fun yet? The Operation: Recall BackerKit Pre-Order store is open to the public! Please feel free to share this store link with friends and family, so they can join the Operation: Recall Army: https://operationrecall.backerkit.com/survey_stores

A quick budget update: 78% of backers have completed their surveys. $94,729 in new commitments have been added by 492 backers. Add that to our $365,974 Kickstarter payout and we’re at $460,703. Only $19k to unlock Salty Dawg (yep, new Larry Hama name) and General Mortífero!

General Mortífero is shaping up to be one of my favorites. Here’s a sneak peek at Mark Pennington’s marked up ideation, Larry Hama’s dossier, and the accompanying memo.

General Mortífero is feared, not loved, and his troops follow him because he promises pillaging, looting, and barbaric excesses.

Many thanks to Carson for the terrific update! Checking out the line review for waves 3 & 4 is as awesome as it is interesting.

Friends a note to be aware of:

Did you create your Kickstarter account with your Apple ID? 

If yes, and you opted to hide your email address when signing up with Apple, then Carson can only see your private relay email in my backer report. Unfortunately, BackerKit cannot reach you using this email address. You can read more on this issue here

Please provide Carson with your email address so that he can update the BackerKit information on his end, and he’ll resend your BackerKit link. 

Stay tuned for more updates as they’re made available!

– Erick

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