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Happy Valentine’s Day from Skeletron!

Ben & the team behind Official Skeletron shared a new update on Kickstarter, just in time for Valentine’s day! The update brings us word on factory progress and gives us a look at the Retro Wolf Trooper. Check it out –

Hello Roboskullers,

Ah, Valentine’s Day!   We hope this is a day with a bit of extra love and affection for us all.  And so we’re taking a moment to reflect upon our fondness and appreciation for our team, our families, and for all of you!

But first, a quick status update:  Though factory progress had been temporarily halted during Chinese New Year, things are again moving and we should see additional tooling progress soon.   We also continue to make progress on other details and facets of the project- decos, tampos, packaging, and more all continue to develop, and we’ll be following up with another update for you in the near future!

It shouldn’t be too long now before backers have their items in hand. I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

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