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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Cosmic Terror Skeletor Review

It’s #SundayFunday, so I fired up the camera with a focus on something a bit different, a figure from my son’s He-Man line at his request. So with that, let’s check out Mattel’s Cosmic Terror Skeletor!

Cosmic Terror Skeletor gives kids the chance to get the final “big bad” from season 3 of Netflix’s animated show in hand and wow, is he a hefty lad!

Cosmic Terror Skeletor absolutely towers over other figures in the assortment and looks like he was pulled right from the animation. Granted, I personally would’ve liked to have seen more Castle Grayskull elements incorporated in to the figure, but that’s just a small gripe and not even on my son’s radar.

Cosmic Terror Skeletor features a killer wingspan of nearly 17 inches, showcasing a pair of cosmic-decorated dragon wings. For a big guy he’s pretty well articulated, with 16 posable joints and savage claws that engage an attack action with the touch of He-Man’s sword or the Havoc Staff found lodged in his back, just like in the show.

This is a really fun figure, not only in my hands, but in also in the hand of the target demo, which is great to see. If you come across one, I’d recommend adding it to your collection! I’m going to have to sneak it past him and take some pictures of it alongside my Origins figures.

With that, read on for the technical mumbo jumbo and if you’re on the look out for this guy, happy hunting!


Masters of the Universe

Age Range

4 to 9 Years

Assembled Product Weight

0.63 lb



Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

7.04 x 15.80 x 9.47 Inches

Product details

This Cosmic Terror Skeletor action figure provides a deluxe version of the ultimate villain of the third season of He-Man and The Masters of the Universe that will tower over other figures. With cosmic-decorated dragon wings expanding to 16 inches wide, as well as 16 posable joints, savage claws with an attack action, pointed horns and dragon-like tail, it’s a terrifying look ready for battle play. Get ready to re-enact cosmic good vs. evil conflicts or create a wide-winged display. Colors and decoration may vary.​

  • ​Inspired by season 3 of the Netflix series, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, this oversized Cosmic Terror Skeletor action figure is ready for battle play or fearsome display.​​
  • ​The huge claws have a dramatic attack action The dragon wings are spectacular, with a special Cosmic Terror deco, they spread to 16 inches wide!
  • ​A dragon-like tail balances the back, while pointed horns complete the fearsome look
    • ​With 15 points of articulation, including the jaw, and the spreadable wings, he’s ready to re-enact signature moves and poses and strike fear into the hearts during conflicts as the ultimate villain
    • ​This special Skeletor figure, oversized at 95 inches tall and 85 inches wide, will tower over the other 7-inch scale He-Man characters Other figures sold separately and subject to availability​
    • ​Makes a great gift for MOTU fans 4 years old and up​

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