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Hasbro Pulse Announces G.I.Joe Fanstream Same Day Hasbro Announces Layoffs

**UPDATE – FEBRUARY 13, 2023**

Since the time of this post, Hasbro has since rescheduled the Fanstream that was set for Tuesday, February 15th to Wednesday, March 8th. Pre-orders that were set to launch have been moved out as well. More to come on this if further details emerge.

It was a bittersweet day for G.I.Joe Fans…

Via Hasbro Pulse’s social channels came word of a G.I. Joe Fanstream coming up next Tuesday, February 14th.

#YoJoe! Nothing spells L-O-V-E like a Valentine’s Day #GIJoe #Fanstream 🐍❤️🐍! Join Emily and the team as they takeover #HasbroPulse‘s YouTube on February 14th at 11:00am ET with action-packed reveals, updates, and of course, some pre-orders you’ve been waiting for! Make sure you don’t miss out!

#Hasbro #Pulse #GIJoe #GIJoeNation #GIJoeClassifiedSeries #ClassifiedSeries #COBRA

The announcement felt incredibly tone deaf, as just earlier in the day, word was received that one of those impacted by Hasbro’s latest round of profit-margin increasing layoffs was none other than Cory Cantelupe, Sculpt Manager for lines such as Power Rangers and G.I.Joe.

If you missed the news, the company behind G.I.Joe Classified, Monopoly, My Little Pony and Magic: The Gathering says that it revenue in the fourth quarter was down 17% from the year before. The toy company will be laying off about 15% of its workforce, or about 1,000 employees.

On the one hand, I feel it’s my duty to share the news on the brand that I follow most closely. On the other, I feel as though ignoring this live stream might help drive the point home…but will it? At the end of the day, we all continue to feed the corporate beast that gives us a taste of dopamine every now and again by tickling our nostalgia spots.

What say you? Will you be skipping this livestream or will you be watching?

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