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Hasbro Celebrates G.I.Joe Day With New G.I.Joe Classified Reveals

Today was G.I.Joe day (who knew?) and Hasbro celebrated by revealing an assortment of digital renders of upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Series offerings!

But no, really, it was apparently G.I.Joe Day. This is how the event was kicked off on Hasbro Pulse’s social sites this morning:

ATTENTION, MAGGOTS! …ahem, now that you’re awake, we’re so excited to let you know that it is #GIJoeDay! That’s right, all day today we’re celebrating #GIJoe in all its epic glory. Make sure you head over to #HasbroPulse to shop the latest and greatest in the #ClassifiedSeries, but stay vigilant and watch our social channels for some action-packed render reveals and the eagerly awaited #Unboxing of the G.I. Joe Skystriker #HasLab, which is arriving at backers doors around the world as we speak! #YoJoe

With that announcement, Hasbro spread out (4) reveals over the course of the day and boy, were they something else or what?! Revealed today were digital renders of:

We’re not one to let #GIJoeDay get cold, but in this case it’s just our first G.I. Joe Classified Series render reveal! Introducing #SnowJob, tricked out in his arctic combat uniform and stocked up with character-inspired accessories to beat Cobra into submission as he skis down the slopes to victory! Available for pre-order later this year, so stay tuned!

We don’t want to blow up anyone’s spot, but that’s exactly what this next #GIJoeDay render reveal is about to do. Check out the G.I. Joe Classified Series #ScrapIron! True to his name, this figure brings perfection, metal, and destruction to a whole new level with his lazer-guided, rocket-loaded, piezo-electric Anti-Armor Drone, complete with blast effects and other character-inspired accessories! Available for pre-order later this year – stay tuned!

You didn’t think we were done, did you? The #GIJoeDay celebration is still in full swing and bringing some reinforcements in from the sky! The G.I. Joe Classified Series Steel Corps. are the next render reveal we’re bringing you. These Joes are coming in hot with their jetpacks, alternate heads, and an array of weapon and blast effect accessories that are sure to turn up the heat in their battle against #Cobra! Pre-order later this year!

#GIJoeDay is in for some trouble…wait, we mean TRUBBLE! That’s right, the final render reveal for today is none other than the G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Tele-Viper and #TrubbleBubble vehicle! Available for pre-order later this year!

For those of you that know me/follow me, you’ll note that I’ve never really been a 1:12 collector, but that has most certainly changed over the course of the last few months. Looks like I hopped on the bandwagon at the best time possible, as these latest assortment of digi-reveals is absolutely top shelf! I NEED that Scrap-Iron, just like I NEED at least 3 of those Tele-Viper sets so that I can display a figure with each of those included heads!

What say you? Any figure and/or figures you’re looking most forward to from this latest wave of reveals?

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