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Skeletron shares Revised Fulfillment Schedule for Roboskull MKII

Heads up, Roboskull backers – The Skeletron team has shared word of a revised fulfillment schedule via an update on the RoboSkull Kickstarter page. Here’s the scoop –

Hello Roboskullers!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Assassin Skeledrones have now been successfully deployed to more than twenty countries, which is pretty cool.  We continue to enjoy seeing all of your creative posts with these creepy crawlers- It’s fantastic when a plan comes together!


In our December 3rd update, we mentioned that some of this project (Assassin Skeledrones) was ahead of schedule, some was pacing on time, and some progress was running a bit behind where we would ideally like it to be.  We have continued to work closely with our factory team since that time, and our overall progress is not as far along as we would like it to be heading into the Chinese New Year.  Based on our most recent review, we believe that our fulfillment timeline must be revised, and we are now projecting that the balance of fulfillment will likely occur in late summer.

We sincerely apologize for this schedule change, and please know that we are working diligently to complete this project as quickly as possible, at the quality level you (and we) expect.  Several factors have contributed to the need for a revised schedule, and we determined our tooling progress is currently not where it needs to be to meet the original schedule.  Thanks to your amazing support, we added 7 stretch goals during the Kickstarter that were beyond our planned 6 stretch goals (and beyond our wildest dreams), many of which required additional design, sculpting, and tooling (ROBOKNIGHT HEAVY METAL ARMOR, ROBOGLOW EYES, ELITE FLIGHT STAND, 6” CHARACTER KIT, 4” SKELETRON, 6” SKELETRON). Though we planned to absorb all of this within our original timeline, additional time will be needed to complete the entire scope of the project.


To best serve you, our Kickstarter (& BackerKit) backers, it is possible that we will again split shipments and “phase” products to deliver some items to you earlier than others (at SKELETRON’s added expense).  We are working on all items concurrently, and the final sequence of completions will not be able to be announced until we are closer to fulfillment.  Our entire team remains as dedicated as ever, and we greatly appreciate your patience and continued support as we work toward completion.  We believe it will be well worth the wait.

Thank you!

Ben, Mark, & Team SKELETRON

More details to come as they’re released.

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