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Super7 Reveals G.I.Joe ReAction Wave 5

Ok, look – I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t note that I’m not fond of the 5 POA category of offerings from any line, tbh. Sure, they’re cool, but for the cost involved, I’d rather throw a few more bucks at something a bit more, I dunno, articulated.

Well, it looks like I’m about to eat some crow, thanks to Super7’s latest wave of ReAction G.I.Joe offerings. Wave 5 not only includes a Red Laser figure, but also includes a Raven figure! (Raven was a Strato Viper/Night Raven pilot in the Sunbow cartoon series). As always, Super7’s card backs are gorgeous. Check it out:

G.I. Joe ReAction Wave 5 includes more characters never made in action figure form before, like Raven, the G.I. Joe MP, and a Cobra Trooper in a Super7 original colorway! Duke and Snake Eyes from “The Vines of Evil” arc, Mutt & Junkyard, Xamot & Tomax, and Red Laser round out the rest of this wave, available next week on Super7.com!

Will you be adding any figures from this wave to your collection?

2 comments on “Super7 Reveals G.I.Joe ReAction Wave 5

  1. It’s true, too expensive. Going for $22.99 a figure here in Canada

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