Sentinel Flame Toys [HITO KARA KURI] Snake Eyes Preorder

Incoming! My friends from Sentinel International Co., Ltd have shared word that their highly anticipated Hito Kara Kuri series Snake Eyes figure is now available for preorder! Here’s the scoop –

【預訂開始】[人機巧] 蛇眼


蛇眼是義勇群英特種部隊中的一個成員代號,他是小隊的初始突擊隊員。他是所有NATO和Warsaw Pact小武器領域的專家及12種不同非武裝戰鬥系統的黑帶級高手,且對能造成切割傷的帶刃兵器尤為熟練,特別是日本武士刀和指虎刀,他亦同樣精通及經常使用各式重型炮火及炸藥。

周身刀張張利的蛇眼這次將由Flame Toys以獨特的風格打造成高約18.5cm的全塗裝高端可動人偶。部分關節採用合金材質,即使擺出誇張的姿勢也能穩定地站立。全身上下超過60個可動部位,為人偶提供出色的可動幅度。加上附屬包括日本武士草帽、各式刀刃、背包、披風等豐富的配件,絕對可滿足不同玩家對造型和動作的追求!

官方網店 D4TOYS.COM 將以預訂優惠價接受預訂!官方實體店千值殿在裝修工程結束後亦會開始接受預訂。

產品名稱:[人機巧] 蛇眼

材料:ABS, PVC, POM, 合金




官店預訂優惠價:HK$1,540 (街客), HK$1,460 (VIP)


https://www.d4toys.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=427&product_id=1099 (運費另計, 有貨運地區限制)


【Pre-order Starts】[HITO KARA KURI] Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe will be presented as the 2nd product in the [Hito Kara Kuri] series!

Snake Eyes is the code name of a member of the G.I. Joe Team. He is the team’s original commando. He is an expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms and a black belt in 12 different fighting systems. He is highly skilled in the use of edged weapons, especially Japanese sword and spike-knuckled trench knives, and equally qualified with and willing to use firearms and explosives.

The skillful weapon and Kungfu master will be created as a fully painted, high-grade action figure standing around 18.5cm tall by Flame Toys’ unique style this time. Part of joints are made of die-cast so any action is stable with great performance. There are over 60 points of articulation, enabling a wide range of dramatic poses. The figure also comes with rich accessories including Samurai Hat, Swords, back pack, cloak and so on. No matter what display styles and actions you are looking for, you will be satisfied!

Official e-shop D4TOYS.COM are taking pre-orders with pre-order discounted price now while official shop Sen-ti-den will start taking pre-orders at a later time after the renovation work is finished.

Item name: [HITO KARA KURI] Snake Eyes

Materials: ABS, PVC, POM, Diecast

Size: Approx. 185mm

Accessories: See the last two pictures in this post!

Official retail price: HK$1,710

Official shop pre-order discounted price: HK$1,540 (walk-in), HK$1,460 (VIP)

Online pre-order: https://www.d4toys.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=427&product_id=1099 (shipping charged separately. Area restrictions apply.)

*Pre-order discount may end without prior notice.

For those curious, Snake Eyes stands roughly 7″ tall. The official retail price of HK$1,710 breaks down to about $220 US at current exchange rates.

Will you be adding this offering from Sentinel to your G.I.Joe collection?

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