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Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician Fan Vote Winner

The voting is over and we have a winner!


Bravo, my loyal subjectssss! Bravo, indeed. You ssssuperior backers have spoken, leaving no room for doubt that the deco preferred for the Cobra H.I.S.S. Tactician action figure is Tactician Bravo! Its ssssleek red and black design perfectly complimentssss the Gunner and Driver figures. I wanted to perssssonally thank you for funding my G.I. Joe Classified Series H.I.S.S. campaign and supporting the inevitable takeover of the world by ME, Cobra Commander! As my fleet of H.I.S.S. vehiclessss roars into your hometown next year, crushing all opposition in its wake, take comfort in the role you yourself played to ensure my Tacticians look their most menacing. Until then, COBRAAAAA!!!!

Until then, COBRAAAAAAA!!!!!

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