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TBT – Takara G.I.Joe Promotional Scans


For this rewind edition #TBT, we’re going back to the land of the Rising Sun! Thanks to my good friend, Mr. Tony Lin of the Takara G.I.Joe Facebook Groupfor sharing this assortment of Takara G.I.Joe Promotional scans!

In Japan, Takara released almost 30 G.I.Joe & Cobra figures in 1986 (24 to be exact). These figures were just like their Hasbro counterparts, but were offered on vibrant cardbacks. There were also some differences; For instance, Zartan was offered single carded and did not include his Swamp Skier. Check out the assortment courtesy of Tony below –

Included alongside the assortment of images above is a collection of Takara G.I.Joe offerings from Tony’s collection. He notes that he’ll be sharing even more scans over the next few weeks, so make sure to join theTakara G.I.Joe Facebook Group for more awesomeness just like this!

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