Project Update #46: ROBOSKULL MKII – Nerds and Tools and O-rings, oh my!

The Gang from SKELETRON has shared a new project update! Read on below to check it out –

Greetings Roboskullers!

We continue to toil away, sequestered in our secret underground lair- but we are briefly venturing out into the sunlight to attend two conventions in the next month:


SKELETRON is attending our local convention, NerdinOut Con, this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota. We’re fortunate to have such an awesome toy store, Nerdin Out, right in our neighborhood who also puts together this convention every year!

SKELETRON at NerdinOut Con | Rochester, MN

We hope to see you there!   And then, four weeks from now, we will be in Iowa for Assembly Required! This GI Joe convention in beautiful Des Moines receives our highest possible recommendation-  don’t miss it!



Our factory has informed us that tooling will begin being cut later this month!  This is an exciting next step as we have A LOT of tooling to work through, especially considering that you crazy awesome backers unlocked items (and associated tooling) that went far, far beyond our original, ambitious project scope.


As you already know, our 3.75″ Retro Wolf Trooper also converts into the terrible, oh so very evil, Retro Skeletron.  Here’s a fresh new photo that showcases this killer Grindstone design complete with laser sword!

Retro Skeletron/Wolf Trooper by Grindstone Toys & SKELETRON

We’ll continue to keep you updated from the Red Shadows lair!

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