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Ninja Force (VHS) Minimates Box Set – NYCC 2022 Exclusive

Surprise! Here’s a bit of intel that’s fresh from the oven! 🙂

Coming to New York ComicCon 2022 is an all new set of Minimates from the fine folks at Diamond Select Toys! This latest offering should put a big smile on you Ninja Force fans out there, as the set homages one of the later comics (‘member the G2 crossover?), but is offered in an all-sorts-of-kick-ass VHS style cover!

Here’s the scoop –


G.I. JOE Ninja Force (VHS) Minimates Box Set – NYCC 2022 Exclusive

A Diamond Select Toys release! Yo Joe! The GI Joe Ninja Force team makes their Minimates debut in this exclusive 4-pack! Snake Eyes, Scarlett and Storm Shadow team up to take on the Cobra scientist Dr. Biggles-Jones, as seen in the popular GI Joe comic book series! These 2-inch Minimates feature multiple points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories, and they slide out of an illustrated VHS sleeve! Designed and illustrated by Barry Bradfield!

Pre-Orders open Thursday, October 6th @12:00 AM EST!

I’m a sucker for Minimates, so there’s no doubt I’ll be pre-ordering this one! What about you?

Many thanks go out to BeesBattleGrounds on Insta for the heads up on this one! Make sure to go give a follow if you aren’t already!

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