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G.I.Joe Mission Critical Character Reveals – Gung Ho and Destro

The G.I. JOE Mission Critical team is kicked off the week with an update via their Kickstarter campaign that brings us the scoop on two more characters!

Read on to check out Gung Ho and Destro! –

Yo Joes!

We hope you had a great weekend! Welcome to the final week of our Kickstarter campaign! Which character that we have shown so far are you the most excited to play? 

Today’s Intel: Gung-Ho & Destro

Gung Ho, found in the Heavy Firepower expansion, is a man to be feared when in his element. His Fearless Charge allows him to queue up cards like Bayou Brawler for defense, and those cards are then boosted by his Jungle Specialist ability! It always pays to be prepared when dealing with the likes of Cobra!

 Destro takes command of Cobra forces in the Heavy Firepower expansion. Serving as the 2nd boss option available in this campaign, Destro is renowned for his prowess in developing tremendously dangerous weapons systems. His powerful passive cards like Illicit Weapons Dealer an Impenetrable Chrome make defeating him quite painful, and Surrender or Face Extinction grows more dangerous for every damage on his cards, making failure to completely defeat a card a potentially fatal miscalculation!

Thanks for enlisting! We’d love your help recruiting more to the team – share the campaign link on your social media! 

We’ll be back on Wednesday with more intel!

-Team Renegade 

With only 50 hours left to go on the campaign, there’s no time like the present to get your pledge in if you haven’t already!

Check back tomorrow for a brand new update!

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