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The Stormchasers Issue 8 Live on Kickstarter

Now for some non military action figure related news! 🙂

If you’re a fan of the ‘Port (and I mean, c’mon, who isn’t?), you’ll remember way back in 2020, I shared word of an action figure line that was coming our way from Unstoppable Comics. See? Of course you remember!

Well, that same awesome outfit just dropped word that issue #8 in their killer “Stormchasers” series is on Kickstarter and needs are help getting to the printer! The campaign is looking to secure $3,600, which I’m sure we’ll hit in no time!

Here’s the scoop from the campaign –

The Stormchasers

Risks and challenges

There are always risks and challenges in everything we do. This is my 16th Kickstarter project, and in the time I’ve spent self-publishing comic books I have experienced printing and shipping delays, creative differences, and people dropping out of a project in the middle of production. These are things that have happened and will always happen. That is why I have tried to limit as many of the x-factors on this Kickstarter as possible, by starting first with an art production team that knows and has worked with each other for years. As I said many times before, this book is already made, all we have to do is print it. I hope to limit as many mistakes in printing and shipping as possible and I have found out there is always a snag or two there that will happen. Sometimes rewards get lost or damaged in the mail, if that happens we will do our best to find a solution. Aside from that, I hope our library and past Kickstarter success speaks for itself in regards to the quality of our comic books.

As someone who went all-in on Unstoppable’s last campaign, I can say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of their books and honestly cannot wait to add Stormchasers issue 8 to my read pile!

Make sure to check out the campaign and get your pledge in!

The Stormchasers from Unstoppable Comics – Surveillance Port

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