Incoming! Fresh Monkey Fiction has revealed their exclusive Eagle Force offering for this year’s JoeFest Toy & Comic Show! Check out R.I.O.T.’s Aerospace Strategic Patrol Soldiers, the A.S.P.S.!

R.I.O.T.’s Aerospace Strategic Patrol Soldiers, or A.S.P.S., led by former televangelist turned scientist, Dr. Taipan, are Ultima Thule’s aerospace division that focuses on space exploration and dominance. Many of Dr. Taipan’s experiments are written off as UFO activity, which the government easily debunks, but the members of Eagle Force know better than to underestimate Dr. Taipan and the A.S.P.S.

JoeFest Toy & Comic Convention will be held in Augusta, Georgia on June 24th – 26th. Can’t make it to the show? No worries, Fresh Monkey Fiction has confirmed that there will be units available for purchase for us Homefront Heroes! How many will be available? Well, that’s unknown, so make sure to keep it locked on FMF after JoeFest to secure yours!

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