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G.I.Joe Mission Critical Character Reveals – Covergirl and Copperhead

Another day, another set of intel files! The G.I. JOE Mission Critical team has shared an update via their Kickstarter campaign, where we not only get to check out two more characters, but also hear about the team’s plans for Mission Critical in the future! Let’s check it out –

 Yo Joes!

Another day, another set of intel files! But first, we also want to talk about our plans for Mission Critical in the future!

If you’re new to the Guardian System, we invite you to take a look at Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. We launched the first Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Kickstarter in September of 2018. The core game had 5 Rangers (the Mighty Morphin Rangers), 4 Monsters, and one Master.  That campaign also included exclusives that added more monsters and more heroes, plus 2 expansions that included even more heroes and monsters. Since then, we have launched 3 more successful Kickstarter campaigns for big-box expansions, and run several pre-orders, There are now over 20 additional expansions, promos, and accessories (including dice and a card storage box), as well as dozens of free scenarios offering new challenges and ways of playing. 

The Power Rangers universe has so many different Ranger teams, as well as so many great baddies and allies! The same thing goes for G.I. JOE of course! There are so many cool Joes, as well as bad guys we all love to hate (or maybe that we hate to love, eh?). Our team is committed to offering the same kind of support to Mission Critical as we already have to Heroes of the Grid over the past 4 years, and continue to maintain today. 

Be sure to tell us who your favorites are in the comments! If they aren’t in the core game or this first expansion, don’t worry! There’s so much more to come! 

Today’s Intel: Cover Girl & Copperhead

Cover Girl is the perfect character to play if you want to go heavy into use of vehicles! (Check out our update from last week for more about vehicles.) Tank Driver, Explosive Payload, and Engineering Victory all maximize the use of vehicles for maximum damage and minimum cost (always a plus right?!).

Copperhead is one venomous baddie. With cards like Phoenix Guard, which prevents foot soldiers from being defeated, and Water Moccasin Onslaught, which both deals damage AND drains energy, you’ll want to take him out as quickly as you can!

Thanks for being a part of our community! 

Help us recruit more Joes by sharing the link to the campaign on your social media!

We’ll be back on Friday with more intel!

-Team Renegade

I’m so thankful to the team for these constant updates, as it really does so much to continue building excitement for all of those out there that are like me and can’t wait to play!

As noted above, stay tuned, as a new update will be coming our way tomorrow!

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