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Callsign: Longbow Character Profile – Uptown

This week, the team behind Callsign: Longbow is recapping the team’s Air Assault Trooper, Albert “Uptown” Chapman! Check it out –


Callsign: UPTOWN

Name: Chapman, Alberto R.
Rank: E-6 (Staff Sergeant)
Primary MOS: Air Assault Infantry
Secondary MOS: Field Communications
Areas of Expertise: Air Assault, Helicopter Combat Tactics, Infantry Tactics, Radio Operations, Electronics Repair, Russian Language.

Uptown was a window washer in high-rise apartments when he was 17 working for his foster father’s business when he decided to join the US Army. With zero fear of heights, he moved into the 1st Cavalry as a ‘sky trooper’, gaining high marks for his aptitude. He is ALWAYS in a good mood. It would probably drive his teammates nuts if it wasn’t for his ability to maintain focus in complete chaos. He can shoot marksman accuracy hanging from a twisting rope out of a Huey in a dust cloud- THAT kind of focus!

This line is shaping up to be all sorts of awesome! Don’t forget, the Kickstarter campaign is right around the corner, so make sure to stay tuned for more!

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