In case you missed the news earlier this week, registration for the all new G.I.Joe Fan Club is now LIVE! Here’s the scoop –

If you’re reading this, you’ve been called up to active status in the G.I. Joe Fan Club!  The G.I. Joe Fan Club:  Mobile Strike Task Force is looking for a few good soldiers to carry forward the G.I. Joe’s core principles of Duty, Honour, Courage.  If you’re hearing the call to action, you can subscribe to the G.I. Joe Fan Club at:

G.I.Joe Fan Club – Registration

The inaugural theme is a dual one:  “Remobilization, Reactivation, Redeployment” while also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the A Real American Hero line.  Once you’ve registered, a subsequent email will be sent to newly recruits to gain the information needed for their membership kit.  The deadline to register is May 13, 2022.  Beyond that deadline, membership will increase and kit items will change, so don’t miss out!  

Thanks for carrying forward the mission and YO JOE!!

Registration closes exactly 2 weeks from today on Saturday, May 14th, so don’t wait, sign up today!

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