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G.I.Joe Mission Critical Character Reveals – Roadblock and Scrap-Iron

The team behind the G.I. JOE Mission Critical tabletop game have shared an update via their Kickstarter campaign, showcasing two more characters from the upcoming game! Read on for intel on Roadblock and Scrap Iron! –

Yo Joes! 

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend…but Cobra’s forces never take a break, so neither can we! 

Today’s Character Reveals!

Roadblock is great at both dishing out damage, and helping the team mitigate Cobra attacks. His character ability allows you to spend energy to deal leftover damage from an attack to an adjacent card! His cards make him a great addition to any team with the ability to reduce incoming damage, help his team put a powerful defensive card on top of their deck before Cobra attacks, and allowing him gain a little extra firepower to get past those pesky guards. 

Did you know that in addition to being a heavy gunner, Roadblock (aka Marvin F. Hinton) is also a gourmet chef? He’s ready to face any threat, be it the evil forces of Cobra or the rumbling stomachs of his fellow Joes!

Well, now you know and Knowing is Half the Battle!

Look out Joes!  Scrap-Iron does everything with a BANG! His obsessive nature drives him to seek perfection in all the weapons he invents. While Roadblock helps circumvent damage, Scrap-Iron has developed powerful weapons that can get through even the strongest armor! 

Some of you have asked about the size and detail of the Mission Critical minis. Today we’d like to share this video where we join our friend Daddy Louie as he paints the Dr. Mindbender mini. We have also put this on the campaign page, along with another video of him painting Cover Girl! 

What’s your favorite story that involves Roadblock or Scrap-Iron? Let us know in the comments!

Have a great weekend! We’ll be back on Monday to show you two more characters!

-Team Renegade

I can’t describe how excited I am for this game! I haven’t played a TTG in what feels like forever, but this is one I can’t wait to dive in to. What about you?

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