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Cobra Sentry and Missile System Sample Page from Creating G.I.Joe

The campaign for volume 8 of Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero is still going strong, having SMASHED its initial funding goal with 9 days yet left to go!

Dan treated the masses to a teaser from Vol. 8, a sample page of the Cobra SMS! Check it out –

Sears wanted Hasbro to create store exclusives to help draw customers to their stores or places orders through their catalogs. Similar to that of the C.A.T. tank, Hasbro created the Sentry and Missile System (S.M.S.) for Cobra!

This set included a newly colored red Cobra H.I.S.S. tank that would tow a redecorated M.M.S. in black with red missiles.

Featured Featured on the box were a Crimson Guard driving the H.I.S.S., a Cobra Officer manning the turret and a Tele-Viper directing the tank towards the Joes.

The campaign ends on Sunday, May 8th, so if you haven’t gotten your pledge in as of yet, make sure to mark your calendar!

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